Started the Tea Business by his best experience of Tea Blending, Testing, Packaging & Marketing from 1992. And now it’s a Passion to give the best for the people & not just doing the Business. As the Slogan "The Choice Of Sweet Smiles" will be lying on the tongue of Peoples of India And Proudly he is Passionate for best Purchase of tea & best Quality Production. Because Tea Purchasing & Tea Blending It’s a Heart of Best Quality Production.


We are Passionate to Serve Best to India with our best Quality & Taste. Keeping Our Promises to social bonding. We are passionate about new innovations in the field of FMCG Products. We are bound to Maximise & Sustain Customer’s Value of excellence. We are dedicated & committed to our best service to Customer.


Ambition to Strategic Alliances & Innovation to growth. Expantion significantly in various sector over the globe

Its not a Business, It’s a journey to uplifting the choice of Sweet Smiles by our Brand "Sailani"