Sailani Tea - The Signature Taste of Highgrown Blends of Gently Blended of Assam Gardens. Its an Extra Special Blends of Unique Black Tea with Natural Lovely Aroma in every Delight Sip. Sailani Tea is a combination of Aroma and Strength fills your Senses to go 'Yes, it’s a Tea Time now with Sailani Tea'

"ताजगी की तरंग, सैलानी चाय के संग"


Aroma of our Products

We serve three different tastes to our Royal customer

Do You know the things about Tea ?

The History of Tea

Tea is nearly 5,000 years old and was discovered, as legend has it, in 2737 b.c. According to legend, the Shen Nong (or Shen Nung) , an early emperor was a skilled ruler, creative scientist and patron of the arts. He was called “The Divine Healer.” Numerous other medicinal plants were attributed to this legendary emperor.

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