Raw Material Selection

The process starts with spick and span selection of the basic raw material i.e the tea - leaves. Years of research and results have proved that the top two leaves and a bud plucked from each shoot of pruned tea plant consequence in the finest teas. Waist-high pruned trees have a dense growth of shoots. This is called as flush. The first flush ensures darker and more aromatic teas but the second flush in spring has a great demand in the overseas market. Sailani Agro Industries, has perfected the art of unblemished selection of raw material to ensure the accurate end results.

Magnetic Filters

Tea is passed through the magnetic filters which extract the iron particles. The filtration continues on the second bigger filter functioning to remove smaller particles. Tea powder recieved from the gardens contain 0.02% impurities in form of iron particles. Magnetic filters ensure removal of iron particles. This eliminates bitter taste and you can enjoy the natural taste.

The Dust Removers

Then comes the process of Drum filtering which removes the dust particles and impurities that may slip off from the first two processes. The dust removers, with the help of suction pumps, separate the particles, which creep in along with the tea-leaves. These particles are collected in the dust bags placed in the isolated dust room. The closed pipes through which they travel assure cleanliness of the production place. For this treatment the raw material has to pass through a vertical drum. Movement of the tea-leaves in this drum helps maximum separation of the dust from the tea leaves which amount as much as 5 kg per ton. This helps in restoring the natural colour of tea.


This is the most important process from the point of view of any tea company. Blending is not just mixing any two grades of tea. Sailani Agro Industries, has aperfect understanding of the blend and preferences of its target customers. So the set standards direct a hygienic art of incorporating superior grades of tea without negotiating on the ultimate freshness and flavor.The establishment knows & strictly follows machine blending to maintain consistency in quality and hygiene. Other methods of blending result in unhygienic handling, loss of flavor and appearance. The company recognizes the magnitude of blending because the eventual punch of the finest Assam tea depends on how good the blender is. The blending drum has two output points from where the tea is transferred through a belt to the mobile harper and placed thirty feet high on a special floor. It is supplied to the fully automatic packaging section through pipes. Each stage is fully equipped with dust extractors to ensure that the packages contain the purest form of tea. The automatic blending machine ensures a desired result in crafting the brands of Sailani Agro Industries No wonder that these brands are so well accepted by millions of its customers.


Fully automatic packaging section of Sailani Agro Industries, has one of the finest automatic packaging set-ups in India. As many as, fully automatic machines function at a time. These machines are capable of packaging 1000 Kg of tea per hour. The original refreshing taste from the Assam tea farms, after removal of all the adulterations is ready to reach its elite lovers